These are the Sights to See in Loma Linda!

Starting with our hospitals and many parks…

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The City of Loma Linda Welcomes You!

With over 20 000 citizens, we’ve been experiencing

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Loma Linda Chamber of Commerce services

In the last few years we’ve developed a robust chamber of commerce and city services system for the citizens of Loma Linda to enjoy.

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Years of History

Elected Officials

City's Inhabitants

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About the City

With long-time established history of almost 400 years, the city of Loma Linda is definitely one of the oldest cities in the California.

With almost 20 000 citizens, we’ve been experiencing a period of rapid growth recently, both in job creation, the number of tourists and number of new businesses coming into Maryville, boosting its economy and allowing the municipality to upgrade the infrastructure.

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The numbers and information in this report are for 2015.

Loma Linda Chamber Announcements

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Discover the latest news & important tips in the Municipality.

Promoting the Film Industry

Just like the government of the city of New York does, we also want to make sure that we are a more

Best Museums in the City

Despite our humble size, our city has 7 museums. But while 6 of them are small indeed and aren’t super popular either

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